MPA Networks

Project Implementation Period: 
November 2019 - April 2022
Specific Funding Programme: 

European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)


Overall Budget: € 2.664.000,00

EU Contribution: € 2.264.400,00

About the Project: 

The project will support testing and adaptation of tools and recommendations from previous projects to improve marine conservation on selected pilot sites, as well as facilitate the transfer of lessons learned and best practices to the MPA community around the Mediterranean.

Networks of MPA managers will be developed and reinforced at national, supranational and Mediterranean levels, and a regular thematic capacity building programme will be set up.

Networking activities will facilitate exchanges between MPA managers and other actors, capitalisation of good practices and increased knowledge. This approach will be amplified by connecting networks.

Through joined forces of networks and a dynamic bottom-up approach, linking experience on the ground and decision-making processes, MPA voices will be coordinated and joined recommendations will support policy-making at international, European, and national levels.

Through strong, active and connected networks of MPA managers, the MPA NETWORKS project will help achieve effectively managed MPAs by providing sustainable solutions to challenges requiring a supra-MPA approach:

  • management effectiveness;
  • small-scale fisheries management;
  • mobile species conservation;
  • and sustainable financing.

Expected results

  • Nine MPA pilot sites allowing better management and reduction of threats to marine biodiversity, based on the results of previous EU projects.
  • MPA management capacities in the Mediterranean strengthened through active networking, knowledge sharing and capacity building on key topics.
  • The networks of MPA managers strengthened and connected at different geographical scales (national, supranational and Mediterranean).
  • The resources needed for effective MPA management provided in the post-2020 framework and better integrated by decision-makers at different levels.

Project partners

  • MedPAN, (FR), Lead;
  • Marine Protected Area of Portofino (IT);
  • National Park of Port-Cros (FR);
  • MPA of Torre Guaceto (IT);
  • Torre del Cerrano MPA (IT);
  • Brijuni National Park (HR);
  • Landscape Park Strunjan (SI);
  • National Marine Park of Zakynthos (N.M.P.Z.), (EL);
  • Marilles Foundation (SP);
  • Institute of Nature Conservation in Albania -INCA (AL).