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This map was compiled from different international sources such as EMODnet, EEA or Marine Regions. Information obtained from these sources was cross-checked with data from national sources. While compilation was carried out by the European MSP Platform, validation and quality assurance remain the responsibility of the primary data sources.

Basic facts on Marine Waters

  • In February 2021, the Croatian Parliament declared the Exclusive Economic Zone of the Republic of Croatia in the Adriatic Sea (EEZ) (Official Gazette 10/21).
  • Croatia's territorial sea extend out to 12 nautical miles (as defined by UNCLOS)
  • Internal waters of the Republic of Croatia include ports and bays on coast and islands, and also parts of sea between low waterline at the coast and the straight baseline for measuring width of the territorial waters;
  • Agreed boundaries at sea with Italy and Montenegro;
  • Boundaries at sea with Bosnia and Herzegovina are in provisional application;
  • The border with the Republic of Slovenia is not awarded and remains unchanged as of 1991 until Croatia and Slovenia reach the final delimitation. The graphic depiction and description of the border are exclusively for the purpose of this document;
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Maritime Spatial Plan(s) 

Statut: MSP process ongoing

Croatia has not yet adopted an MSP but the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia is covered by various spatial plans, which comprise both terrestrial and marine areas. Following the requirements of the Physical Planning Act, preparation of the State Plan for Spatial Development for the entire terrestrial and marine area (up to the external limit of territorial waters) of Republic of Croatia has been initiated.  

The Physical Planning Information System (ISPU geoportal) is available here

View the Spatial Development Strategy of the Republic of Croatia (2017 - in English)

View the Report on the Spatial Situation in the Republic of Croatia for the period 2013-2019 (in English)

View the Physical Planning Programme of the Republic of Croatia

MSP legislation

The primary legislation on physical planning in Croatia is the Physical Planning Act (Official Gazette 153/13, 65/17, 114/18, 39/19, 98/19). The amendment to this Act (Official Gazette 65/17) came into force in July 2017, providing the complete transposition of the EU MSP Directive into the legislation of the Republic of Croatia.

National MSP authority

Croatia's competent authority for MSP is the Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and State Assets (MPPCSA)


Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and State Assets
mail: (MSP[at]mpgi[dot]hr)

Mrs Lidija Škec
Ministry of Physical Planning, Construction and State Assets
Institute for Spatial Development
Savska cesta 28, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia
tel: +358 1 3712 732

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