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This map was compiled from different international sources such as EMODnet, EEA or Marine Regions. Information obtained from these sources was cross-checked with data from national sources. While compilation was carried out by the European MSP Platform, validation and quality assurance remain the responsibility of the primary data sources.

Basic facts on Marine Waters

  • France has 8 411 km of coastline including 5 100 km in mainland France.
  • Overseas territories included, France's EEZ covers 10 754 858 km² (2nd largest EEZ in the world) 
  • France defined 4 maritime regions, or “façades maritimes” for the MSP Directive implementation.
  • In 2006, France submitted, jointly with Ireland, Spain and the United Kingdom, information on the limits of the continental shelf in the area of the Celtic Sea and the Bay of Biscay. In 2010, an extension of the continental shelf was granted. Negotiations to share this area between these coastal States are still in progress.
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Maritime Spatial Plan(s)

Status: Adopted

France adopted four maritime spatial plans, the Documents Stratégiques de Façade (DSF) between April and May 2022 for the following sea basins:

View DSF for East Channel-North Sea

View DSF for North Atlantic-West Channel

View DSF for South Atlantic

View the DSF for the Mediterranean

They are the legal mechanism chosen by France to address the requirements of both the MSF Directive and MSP Directive and specify the conditions to implement the National Strategy for the Sea and the Coast (SNML) in accordance with local specificities. All the DSF contain two parts: 

1.Initial assessment and strategic objectives and MSP - vocational map and fact sheets (finalised between September and October 2019)

2.Monitoring mechanism and action plan (finalised between April and May 2022)

Latest MSP developments

France is in the process of endorsing its new National Strategy for the Sea and Coast by decree which is expected to be published by in early 2024. 

Public consultation is ongoing between November 2023 and  April 2024, to integrate new offshore renewable and biodiversity protection areas into the maritime spatial plans ("Documents stratégiques de façade" DSF).

Next steps

The comments received during the public consultation will be integrated into the Documents stratégiques de façade as part of their revision. 

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MSP legislation

The EU MSP Directive was transposed into national legislation through article 123 of law n°2016-1087 for the “reconquest of biodiversity, nature and landscapes” adopted on 8 August 2016. This article modifies the French Environmental code through the introduction of the concept of maritime spatial planning. The approaches for implementing article 123 are further elaborated through the political decree n°2017-724 adopted on 3rd May 2017.

National MSP authority

France's competent authority for MSP is the Secrétariat Général de la Mer


Secrétaire général de la mer (sgmer[at]pm[dot]gouv[dot]fr)

20 avenue de Ségur

75007 Paris

Secrétariat d’Etat en charge de la Mer

Direction des affaires maritimes - Direction générale des affaires maritimes, de la pêche et de l'aquaculture (DGAMPA)

Tour Séquoia – 92 055 La Défense Cedex

For more information

For more information regarding the evolution of the MSP process in France please see the dedicated country profile below.