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About Us

The European Maritime Spatial Planning Platform -
A service for Member States to share relevant knowledge and experiences on Maritime Spatial Planning

The European MSP Platform is an information and communication gateway designed to offer support to all EU Member States in their efforts to implement Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) in the years to come. With the adoption of the EU Directive on Maritime Spatial Planning (2014/89/EU), all coastal EU Member States are required to prepare cross-sectoral maritime spatial plans by 2021.  

Funded by the EU Directorate General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (DG MARE), the European MSP Platform acts as the central exchange forum for the rich knowledge generated in past, current and upcoming MSP processes and projects. This will allow officials, planners and other stakeholders interested in MSP to build on what is already available, avoid duplication of efforts, assist in capacity building and foster development of new practices.

Our approach for the European MSP Platform is based on the following basic principles:

  • give and take
  • knowing who knows – to connect the right people
  • personal approach – to act as your trusted partner
  • find specifics through a broad resource
  • a service to all EU Member States

What we offer

A dedicated team of experts

The EU MSP Platform is operated via a dedicated team with presence in all European sea-basins. Our experts continuously draw together information on MSP experience, funding and training opportunities as well as relevant events from across Europe. The information is then made available in various interactive, easy-to-use formats readily accessible through this website. 

Our contact points are continuously available to offer personal advice and act as your trusted partner in MSP-related efforts. We are happy to gather and share experience with you in the formats which suit your specific needs. On the basis of received information requests, we arrange different types of meetings, be it expert round tables, workshops or seminars. We also prepare short info briefs on specific topics related to MSP based on available practices and projects. Simply get in touch with us via the contact information found on our Team page to discuss on how we can best assist you.

Our team includes a central office in Brussels and help desks for each of the European sea-basins. The central office coordinates all activities and services of the European MSP platform, including technical studies, updating resources, designing delivery formats and ensuring continuous information exchange among team members. In addition, the central office assists the European Commission in all organisational aspects of the Member States Expert Group meetings as well as the European Commission workshops and conferences related to MSP. 

MSP Platform - An interactive information gateway

This website provides a diverse array of knowledge and resources drawn from existing MSP processes and projects. We continuously expand and update the website to reflect the dynamic process of MSP development throughout Europe.

We invite you to explore the following:

User guidance is available to help navigate the diverse resources we provide.

To stay continuously informed of any updates and news regarding MSP in Europe, please sign up here for our regular newsletter and funding news-flashes, and follow us on Twitter @EU_MSP_Platform.

Question & Answer service

We are available to quickly and accurately respond to your requests for advice and questions regarding MSP. Our access to a range of MSP experts allows us to provide answers from diverse disciplines which reflect the latest developments in MSP. Sea-basin specific questions are directed to the appropriate sea-basin help-desk, which are composed to cover the language needs of the respective region.

Developed answers include relevant examples from practical MSP experiences, as found in our Best practice and scientific publications section and overview of MSP projects. We also make generalized versions of submitted questions and answers available in our FAQ section to continue sharing the collective MSP knowledge base.

We invite you to submit your questions by simply sending an email to info [at] (info[at]maritime-spatial-planning[dot]ec[dot]europa[dot]eu).

Technical Studies - filling identified knowledge gaps

Drawing from the diversity of approaches to MSP across Europe, studies are conducted on topics which enhance MSP implementation and contribute to the collective knowledge base.

Access MSP studies in the Library.