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Topic Papers for Baltic SCOPE case studies


Topic papers were developed for two BalticSCOPE case studies (Southwest Baltic and Cental Baltic) to enhance understanding about sectoral spatial needs/requirements, outline transboundary issues, and map cross-sectoral relationships, including existing and potential conflicts and synergies between sectors. 

Application in MSP:
Type of Issue:
Type of practice:
Stage of MSP cycle:
Cross-border / trans-national aspect:
Key words:

Questions this practice may help answer

- How can sectoral trends and developments be documented and shared among national MSP authorities in a cross border MSP process?

Implementation Context

The topic papers were developed in the context of the BalticSCOPE project to outline the latest developments and trends within the four key sectors with transboundary impacts: shipping, energy, fisheries and environment/nature protection.


Aspects / Objectives

  • Gather evidence for the planning process
  • Identify potential conflicts and synergies between sectors
  • Initiate discussions regarding sectoral transboundary issues



Partners from the case studies were assigned a topic paper to developed based on their respective expertise. The papers identified the most important transboundary issues for each sector. Drafts of the topic papers were shared prior to a Stakeholder Conference in order to received feedback, which was later used to fine tune the papers .


Main Outputs / Results

The papers resulted in deeper discussion among project partners regarding sectoral issues. They include draft recommendations which were discussed during thematic meetings. Discussions focused on transboundary issues, cross-sectoral thinking, and transboundary focus areas. The topic papers were used as the basis for diving into more concrete issues and creative activities within the focus areas, which then helped identify possible solutions for a coherent MSP process between the countries.


Gathering information about sectors can be applied additional cross border MSP processes. However, these topic papers themselves should be considered as working documents developed in the context of the BalticSCOPE case study.  

Responsible Entity

Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management (SE) – Lead Partner


Costs / Funding Source

Funding Source: the topic papers were developed within the BalticSCOPE project, funded by EMFF.


Costs: not possible to be defined, as part of the overall funds to BalticSCOPE project.


Contact person

Ingela Isaksson

Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management

Tel : 0046 (0)10 698 6229

Mobile : 0046 (0)703 662529 (ingela[dot]isaksson[at]havochvatten[dot]se)