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Basic facts on Marine Waters

  • Latvia's Baltic Sea waters (including the Gulf of Riga) covers a total area of 28,500 km2, including 668 km2 of inland sea waters, 10,178 km2 of territorial sea (out to 12 nautical miles, as defined by UNCLOS) and 17,656 km2 of Exclusive Economic Zone (as defined by UNCLOS).
  • Latvian marine waters account for 7.2 % of the total area of the Baltic Sea.
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Maritime Spatial Plan(s)

Status: Adopted

Latvia adopted its Maritime Spatial Plan, the Maritime Spatial Plan for Internal Waters, Territorial Waters and Exclusive Economic Zone of the Republic of Latvia (MSP 2030), in May 2019, under the Order of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 232. 

Latvia's MSP is available here (in English)

MSP legislation

The EU MSP Directive is transposed into national legislation through the Spatial Development Law 2011. This defines the requirement for MSP, prescribes the necessary secondary legislation and sets the deadline for beginning the process (1 January 2014).  In 2012, the Latvian Government approved Regulation 740 on the Development, Implementation and Monitoring of a Maritime Spatial Plan; this sets out the content and development process for the Latvian MSP, as well as its implementation and monitoring procedures.

National MSP authority

Latvia's competent authority for MSP is the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, Spatial Planning Department (MoEPRD).


Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development

Ms. Kristine Kedo

Head of Spatial Planning Policy Division

Peldu iela 25 Riga, LV-1494

Phone: + 371 67026558



Strategic Environmental Assessment (Espoo Contact person)

State Environmental Bureau

Ms Ilze Lielvaivode

Senior expert

Environmental Impact Assessment Division

Phone: +371 67770825


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