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Manual of procedures for setting up Local Information Systems


The objectif of this Manual of procedures is to become a reference document for institutions willing to implement – or subscribe to – a Local Information System.

Type of practice:
Key words:

Questions this practice may help answer

  • How to implement a Local Information Systems (LIS)?
  • What are to different steps and resources for such an implementation?

Implementation Context

This practice has been developed in the framework of the Eurosion project. This Europe- wide study meant to provide quantified evidence that coastal erosion in Europe does constitute a problem of growing magnitude that public authorities do not always succeed in containing.

Aspects / Objectives

The objectif of this Manual of procedures is to become a reference document for institutions willing to implement – or subscribe to – an Information System dedicated to:

  • Support the policy preparation, implementation and evaluation through the improvement of the availability, accessibility and mutual exchange of digital information between involved institutions or stakeholders.
  • Improve public participation, including execution of feasibility studies, impact assessment and prior to policy developments or monitoring.

This Manual gives an exhaustive and detailed outline of all potential steps, conditions and procedures needed for a local to national institution willing to improve the role information plays. This includes the setting up and maintaining of the different Local Information Systems (LIS) that will be implemented in Europe, in terms of procedures, tools, methodology and control means for each activity.


The procedures described in this Manual include all the steps toward the operation of the LIS:

  • Feasibility and pre-design study
  • Implementation
  • Management and maintenance

The Local Information Systems to be developed consist of the following components:

  • The stakeholders (leading institution, data providers and users, internet based service providers)
  • The equipment (hardware and software, as well as an internet based application which customizes archiving, retrieval, representation, exchange and dissemination functionalities for the local stakeholders).
  • The documentation (the technical specifications of the Internet-based application, the user handbook and the manual of procedures for setting up and maintaining the LIS).

Main Outputs / Results

The Manual presents all the steps required to develop such an LIS. For each step/task, the guideline provides information about the objective, the methodology, the human resources, the financial resources, the expected outputs and the validation.

-The objective part explains the main objective of the action/tasks

-The methodology details the process which will lead to the realization of the objective.

-The human resources part gives an overview of the different costs that have to be taken into account for each task

-The expected output part describes each task’s main output

-The validation part describes the validation process.


The Manual of procedures for setting up a Local Information System is a generic manual. It has to be adapted to the specificities of particular local sites.

The manual of procedures encompasses mandatory procedures and optional ones. Those optional procedures can be used – or not – in order to adapt the guidelines to one Local Information Systems specificities.

Responsible Entity

National Institute for Coastal and Marine Management (RIKZ)