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Handbook on multi-level consultations in MSP


Provides an insightful checklist of tasks that MSP organizers should perform at different stages of the process together with stakeholders at multiple levels.

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Questions this practice may help answer

  • What are multi/level consultations?
  • How can stakeholders be identified?
  • What is the appropriate level of consultation?

Implementation Context

The Handbook was developed within the context of “PartiSEApate – Multi-level Governance in Maritime Spatial Planning throughout the Baltic Sea Region”.

Aspects / Objectives

This practice seeks to provide a checklist of tasks that MSP organizers should perform at different stages of the process together with stakeholders at multiple levels. It aims at those who initiate consultations, rather than those being consulted.


The Handbook is based on first hand source research findings provided by the PartiSEApate project. Following their participation in focused Baltic Sea wide MSP workshops, more than 160 stakeholders were asked to complete a standard questionnaire regarding the most suitable modalities of consulting them in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR) MSP. The survey was followed by semi-structured telephone interviews with 60 MSP decision-makers throughout the BSR. The results of the surveys were integrated into the Handbook, along with other information and data extracted by activities and processes pursued within the framework of PartiSEApate and the earlier BaltSeaPlan project regarding multi-level consultations. Based on this, a set of guiding questions for each stage within the MSP process was developed in order to support MSP responsible bodies in the identification of the appropriate level of stakeholders and means of consultations.

The matrix shows in which way each level should be consulted in each of the steps of the MSP process.

Main Outputs / Results

PartiSEApate publication titled “Handbook on multi-level consultations on MSP” available online.


The Handbook on multi-level consultations in MSP has a universal character. Although it was developed based on the experience of the Baltic Sea Region countries, it can be applied in other EU sea basins and other parts of the world.

Contact Person

Angela Schultz-Zehden

s.Pro – sustainable projects GmbH

Rheinstraße 34, 12161 Berlin, Germany

Tel. +49 (30) 8321417-40

Fax. +49 (30) 8321417-50 (asz[at]sustainable-projects[dot]eu)

Responsible Entity

Maritime Institute Gdansk

Dlugi Targ 41-42

80830 Gdansk, Poland

Joanna Przedrzymirska (joaprz[at]im[dot]gda[dot]pl)

+48 583019339

Costs / Funding Source

Costs: Unknown

Funding source: PartiSEApate INTERREG IV B BSR Programme