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This map was compiled from different international sources such as EMODnet, EEA or Marine Regions. Information obtained from these sources was cross-checked with data from national sources. While compilation was carried out by the European MSP Platform, validation and quality assurance remain the responsibility of the primary data sources.

Basic facts on Marine Waters

  • Lithuania's internal waters (lagoons not included) cover a total area of 35 km2 and its territorial waters out to 12 nautical miles (as defined by UNCLOS) covers an area of 1,810 km2.
  • Lithuania's Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ - as defined by UNCLOS) including the adjoining zone covers a total area of 4,560 km2.
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Maritime Spatial Plan(s)

Status: Adopted

Lithuania’s first maritime spatial plan was elaborated as a part of the Comprehensive Plan for the Republic of Lithuania by including a section on “Maritime territories“. The “Maritime territories” section, that complements the terrestrial spatial plan, was adopted by the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania, on 11 June 2015. This plan expired in 2020, and a new Comprehensive Plan for the Republic of Lithuania was  adopted on 29 September 2021, integrating components of Maritime Spatial Planning.

The Lithuanian MSP is available at the portal of spatial planning documents by entering plan number: K-NC-00-17-288, choosing “Rengimo etapas“ and then “TPD sprendiniai (aiškinamasis raštas ir brėžiniai)“. The drawings and explanatory part of the plan can be downloaded there. 

The summary of the Comprehensive plan is available here (in English)

Spatial Planning Document portal 

The Geographical Information System (GIS) for the Lithuanian MSP is available here

Latest MSP developments

Recently, the MSP implementation plan was prepared, including a list of actions and stakeholders to be consulted. It is publicly available in Lithuanian. Three Interreg projects were identified as relevant to support the implementation of the Lithuanian MSP.

A thematic plan for the installation and operation of offshore wind farms in Lithuania’s Marine Territory, and the associated Strategic Environmental Assessment Report were developed, providing details on the placement and location of offshore wind farms and their connections to the land.

Next steps

Offshore wind farm tenders are being organised by the Ministry of Energy. 

MSP legislation

The national legislation for Maritime Spatial Planning in Lithuania is the Law on Territorial Planning and its secondary legal acts. The revised Law on Territorial Planning  (adopted in 2013, in force since 01/01/2014) includes stipulations on sea space planning - the continental shelf and the exclusive economic zone in the Baltic Sea. Part of the marine space (up to 20 m deep isobath) also falls under the regulation of the Law of the Coastal Strip. The rules on preparation of the spatial plans (called as complex territorial planning documents) are determined by the order of the Minister of the Environment which is in line with MSP Directive. Based on the stipulations of national legal acts, initially Lithuanian marine territories were planned while extending the existing Comprehensive Plan for the Territory of the Republic of Lithuania by one more part – Marine territories, which included marine spatial solutions for the Lithuanian territorial waters and the EEZ. The new Comprehensive Plan 2030 integrates marine areas throughout the document as well as distinguish as a special topic for which functional priorities are established.

National MSP authority 

Lithuania's competent authority for MSP is the Ministry of the Environment: Construction and Territorial Planning Policy Group.


Ms. Algimantė Treinienė

Senior Advisor 

Construction and Territorial Planning Policy Group

Ministry of Environment

A. Jakšto 4 /9, LT-01105 Vilnius. LITHUANIA 

E-mail: (algimante[dot]treiniene[at]am[dot]lt)

Ms. Asta Rokickienė

Senior Specialist

Construction and Territorial Planning Policy Group

Ministry of Environment

A. Jakšto 4 /9, LT-01105 Vilnius. LITHUANIA 

E-mail: (asta[dot]rokickiene[at]am[dot]lt)

Strategic Environmental Assessment

Mr. Vitalijus Auglys

Head of Pollution Prevention Policy Group

Ministry of Environment

A. Jakšto 4 /9, LT-01105 Vilnius. LITHUANIA

E-mail: (vitalijus[dot]auglys[at]am[dot]lt)

For more information

For more information regarding the evolution of the MSP process in Lithuania please see the dedicated country profile below.