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Central Exchange


Application to share analytical methods, tools and geodatabase to support application of the MESMA framework.

Type of practice:
Stage of MSP cycle:
Cross-border / trans-national aspect:
Key words:

Questions this practice may help answer

  • How is my Spatially Managed Area performing?
  • What framework can I use to analyse the implementation of ecosystem based marine management?

Implementation Context

The MESMA project developed a generic framework for implementation of ecosystem based marine management. The framework has been digitalised and made user friendly by developing the MESMA Central Exchange.

Aspects / Objectives

Develop a digital exchange application that allows people to evaluate marine spatially managed areas in a systematic way.


Development of a digital exchange tool

Main Outputs / Results

The MESMA Central Exchange Application

MESMA Central Exchange is a web-based application for the monitoring and evaluation of spatially managed marine areas (SMAs). It allows you to analyse your SMA in a standardised way, with detailed practical guidance. By following a step-wise approach you will systematically analyse the current management regime in your study area and come up with recommendations. This analysis uses a natural sciences approach (quantitative) and consists of 7 steps. Linked to that is the MESMA governance analysis, using a social science approach (qualitative) which allows you to study governance issues in your study area. Examples of geospatial information and a list of tools will support your analysis.


The tool is applicable for all Spatially Managed Areas

Responsible Entity


Costs / Funding Source

The practice was elaborated under the MESMA project co financed by EU FP7 Research Programme. Direct costs of its elaboration are unknown. 

Contact Person

Oscar Bos

IMARES (oscar[dot]bos[at]wur[dot]nl)