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MSP Sectors and Conflicts

Background information

Sector fiches

The MSP for Blue Growth study 2017 provides sector fiches for nine key maritime sectors listed  The sector fiches are meant as a tool to investigate current and future potential spatial demands. The sector fiches deal mainly with the MSP dimension in the expected evolution of the analysed sectors, putting the focus not only on the present spatial needs of each of the sectors, but also on the anticipated future developments of the industry. At the same time, the fiches look at the interaction that exists among sectors, and offer a set of concrete recommendations to inform MSP processes. Finally, the fiches aim at being a solid first information source listing the most relevant actors, initiatives, and available literature in the sector in question. The sector webpages include a summary of the sector fiches as well as links to relevant practices and projects.

Download full 'MSP for Blue Growth' study 2017

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Conflicting spatial demands in MSP 

The study titled Addressing conflicting spatial demands in MSP: Considerations for MSP planners was conducted in 2018 with an aim to explore the range of spatial conflicts experienced in MSP in Europe. It provided an overview of common types of spatial conflicts and solutions that have been found in various EU Member States, with particular focus on spatial conflict prevention and mitigation and conditions for applying them. As part of the study, the nine most common and MSP relevant spatial conflicts between two maritime sectors were analysed through case studies. The detailed results of the study and relevant examples are presented in nine conflict fiches. The fiches decribe the spatial demands of the two individual sectors, and where these spatial demands may get into conflict with each other. Following this, the actual possible conflicting elements are described in more detail. Special emphasis is put on possible solutions for the conflicts, which can be both mitigating solutions (before the problem arises), or problem solving solutions, when a conflict is already apparent. Solutions can be both MSP-related (to be incorporated into a plan or planning process) or possibly be found in a more sector-oriented way (outside of the MSP process). To increase the understanding of the conflict in real life, several case studies (conflict stories) are described in the fiches.

Download full 'Addressing conflicting spatial demands in MSP: Considerations for MSP planners' study 2019