Cross-border Maritime Spatial Planning for Black Sea, Bulgaria and Romania

Project Implementation Period: 
July 2019 - June 2021

Overall budget: € 1,562,099

EU contribution: € 1,249,679 (80%)

About the Project: 

The MARSPLAN-BS II project follows on from MARSPLAN-BS, which ended in early 2018. It foresees the further development of Maritime Spatial Plans in Bulgaria and Romania, as well as the development of a common cross-border strategy between the two countries. It is expected that both states will consider land-sea interaction and potential multi-use of the Black Sea maritime areas.

The main goal is to support coherent, cross-sectoral Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) in Bulgaria and Romania, under the framework of MSP Directive 2014/89/EU, establishing a long-lasting mechanism for work in this area. The project also supports the Competent Authorities for MSP implementation in Bulgaria and Romania.

Both countries aspire to provide effective stakeholder participation in the design of national and cross-border MSP processes and the sharing of good practices for the Black Sea from Bulgaria and Romania.

Project Parters

  • Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works of Bulgaria (BG) - Coordinator;
  • Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration of Romania (RO);
  • National Center for Regional Development (BG);
  • National Institute for Marine Research and Development “Grigore Antipa” (RO);
  • Center for Coastal and Marine Studies (BG);
  • National Institute for Research and Development for Marine Geology and Geo-ecology (GeoEcoMar) (RO);
  • Ovidius University of Constanta (RO);
  • “Nikola Vaptsarov” Naval Academy (BG).