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Bringing Land and Sea Together

Implementation Period:
Specific Funding Programme:

Interreg IVB North Sea Region Programme


Overall Budget: € 6.259.100,00
EU Contribution: € 2.499.300,00 €

About the Project:

BLAST was a regional project for better integration of information across the coastal margin in the North Sea region. The four technical Work Packages under BLAST focused on:

  • Addressing the needs of marine spatial planning, environmental protection, socio-economic development, risk management and mitigation, by delivering harmonised land and sea geographic datasets.
  • Exploring practical tools, processes, and applications that the North Sea maritime community might use to implement the coming new generation of standards for marine information systems.
  • Improving vessel safety and efficiency, and enhancing management of the environment through the design and development of a regional maritime traffic monitoring platform for the North Sea region.
  • Developing new common policies and instruments to support coastal zone planning and management (ICZM) in an emerging climate change perspective.

Project partners:

Main partners: 

Norwegian Hydrographic Service (lead partner)
Norwegian Coastal Administration
National Survey and Cadastre - Denmark
Danish Coastal Authority
DTU Space (National Space Institute) - Denmark
Local Government Denmark
Aalborg University - Denmark
Federal Maritime & Hydrographic Agency - Germany
Jeppesen GmbH - Germany
T-Kartor AB - Sweden
Malardalen University - Sweden
Natural Environment Research Council - United Kingdom
Seazone Solutions Ltd. - United Kingdom
UK Hydrographic Office
Agency for Maritime and Coastal Services - Belgium
Coastal Division (division of Agency for Maritime and Coastal Services) 
Flemish Hydrography (division of Agency for Maritime and Coastal Services)
Shipping Assistance Division (division of Agency for Maritime and Coastal Services)
Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering - the Netherlands



Hjoerring Municipality - Denmark


Associated partners

National Environmental Research Institute (Aarhus University) - Denmark
Lolland Municipality - Denmark
Port of Oslo - Norway
Swedish Maritime Administration
Icelandic Maritime Administration
Kristiansand Municipality - Norway