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Basic facts on Marine Waters

  • Netherlands' Planning Area, including its Territorial sea out to 12 nautical miles and Exclusive Economic Zone (as defined by UNCLOS) coverr a total area of 58,000 km2.
  • Only the central government has jurisdiction over marine areas beyond 1 km from the coast (the first km is shared with municipal and provincial authorities).
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Maritime Spatial Plan(s) 

Status: Adopted

The Netherlands adopted a first Maritime Spatial Plan, the North Sea Policy Document in 2009. 

Netherlands' first MSP is available here (in English) 

The second Maritime Spatial Plan, the North Sea Policy Document covering the period 2016-2021, adopted in December 2015 is an update from the 2009-2015 document.

Netherlands' second MSP is available here (in English)

MSP Legislation

The EU MSP Directive was transposed into nationl legislation through the National Water Plan, which provides the legal basis for MSP in the Netherlands. The current National Wter Plan (NWP) fulfils the obligation under Section 4.1. of the Water Acct for the period 2016-2021. The Policy Document on the North Sea is an appendix to the NWP and was adopted along with the NWP in December 2015. 

National MSP authority

Netherlands' competent autority for MSP is the Interdepartmental Directors’ Consultative Body North Sea led by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.


The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment

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