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Basic facts on Marine Waters

  • Belgium territorial sea, out to 12 nautical miles (as defined by the UNCLOS) covers a total area of 1,437km². Its Exclusive Economic Zone (as defined by UNCLOS) covers a total area of 2,017 km².
  • The Belgian Part of the North Sea (BPNS) covers a total area of 3,454km² (i.e., about 0.5% of the entire North Sea area)
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Maritime Spatial Plan(s)

Status: Adopted

Belgium adopted its first legally binding Maritime Spatial Plan, the Maritime Spatial Plan for the Belgium Part of the North Sea, via Royal Decree on 20 March 2014. 

Belgium's first Maritime Spatial Plan is available here (in English)

Belgium's second Maritime Spatial Plan, covering the period 2020-2026, was adopted through Royal Decree on 22 May 2019. 

Belgium's second Maritime Spatial Plan is available here (in English)

MSP legislation

The EU MSP Directive is transposed into nationa legislation through the Marine Environment Act, amended in 2012 to include the development of a MSP. Its name was also amended to "Act for the protection of marine environment and for the organisation of maritime spatial planning in the maritime regions under the Belgian jurisdiction." The Royal Decree of 13 November 2012 enacts the maritime spatial planning procedure in the Belgian maritime area and the establishment of and advisory committee on MSP. 

National MSP authority

Belgium's competent authority for MSP is the Minister for the North Sea


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