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The Welsh National Marine Plan (WNMP) is the first Marine Plan for Welsh Waters.

WestMED Strategy

The purpose of the Initiative is to foster sustainable blue growth and jobs, improve safety and security and preserve ecosystems and biodiversity in the western Mediterranean region.

Planning Practice & Research

There is already a substantial body of literature examining the participation issues in Marine Spatial Planning (MSP). This paper addresses these issues in the French MSP process.


The case shows of how, through a process of spatial and seasonal differentiation, conflicts between tourism and nature protection caused by undifferentiated demands can be limited to a minimum.


Workshop demonstrating how HELCOM/VASAB, OSPAR and ICES can contribute and cooperate to the further development of the process of ecosystem-based MSP.


This document constitutes the report on a workshop organised in the context of the EU funded CAPACTIY4MSP project.

Zadar County

The Zadar County Spatial Plan was developed in 2001 and was revised several times (last update was in 2015).

Plemmirio Marine Protected Area

Located in the eastern coast of Sicily, Italy, the Plemmirio Marine Protected Area (MPA) covers an area of 2400 ha.

Poland CP

The Polish CP covers the delimitation of the smaller planning areas, making use of four dimensional zoning as well as zoning under MSP of a large resolution (scale 1:25000).

Journal for Nature Conservation - Volume 67

Designation of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) as a means to support conservation of marine ecosystems is expected to depend on local communities and stakeholder’ participation and support.