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Macaronesian Maritime Spatial Planning - MarSP 

The report represents the current state of MSP in Madeira and will serve as a basis for future revisions of the Situation Plan for MSP in Madeira.


The report discusses the opportunities for engagement across and between regions to facilitate better understanding of marine planning and what it can achieve.

The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) is a globally recognized legal regime.

The Nautical Institute

Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) will become an increasingly important issue for the shipping sector over the next few years.

Lower Saxony, Germany 

The spatial planning programme of Lower Saxony includes provisions concerning wind power production and nature conservation, offshore electricity transmission, and shipping. The programme covers the whole territory.


Innovative tecniques for midlong term coastal protection master plans capitalizing on the Good Practices developed under several European Projects.

Coastal Management

Marine spatial planning (MSP) is currently practiced by almost half of the world’s nations. While some countries are working on their second, third or fourth round of MSP, many are going through their first round of marine spatial planning.


This document is a background paper which aimed to provide recommendations for Common Parties in the context of the Regional Framework on Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) in the Mediterranean Sea basin.


The tool is developed within the framework of the IMPACT project which aims to support plans of transboundary actions for the protection of the MPAs, while at the same time allowing the development of ports.

Maritime Studies

With the concept of marine spatial planning (MSP) firmly established in the UK with its own legislation, policies and plans underway, this paper critically revisits MSP as part of the wider debate associated with the social reconstruction of the m

Compromise Planning : A Theoretical Approach from a Distant Corner of Europe pp 129–152

This chapter is dedicated to an emerging theoretical current, motivated by the phenomenon of climate change, which seems to unite planning theory around a theme of global importance.


The main goal of this practice is to introduce an evaluation framework applicable to marine management in European countries.