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Communicating MSP

Main issues

Effective communication is an important aspect of an MSP process. The goal of this communication is to easily stipulate what MSP is, and in particular the motivating drivers for MSP, the MSP process and steps, as well as the potential or anticipated outputs and benefits. In general, one can differentiate between “communicating MSP”, which focuses on the creating awareness of the general concept and importance of being involved in the MSP process and “communicating within MSP”, which is content oriented communication between planners and stakeholders on specific issues in a plan in development. In both concepts, effective communication is important for securing the necessary political commitment and resources, as well as for motivating the relevant institutions to become involved – either as direct partners steering the process or as stakeholders.

Stakeholders may have limited time and capacity to devote to the MSP process. Thus, information they receive needs to be understandable and to the point. Moreover, innovative presentation tools are often needed to attract and keep attention. Producing simple visuals, using images, videos or even game elements to present complex ideas or introduce the discussion topics can be very useful. An example of a video explaining MSP to a broad range of stakeholders is the ‘MSP in a Nutshell’ video developed by the GIZ. A humoristic element, which was used in WWF Germany’s Become a Maritime Spatial Planner in 10 minutes, may draw attention to the actual underlying reasons, drivers and potential benefits of an MSP process.

The following questions highlight examples of communication tools and approaches that can be used to inform about the concept of MSP or through an MSP process, both in individual countries as well as cross-border contexts.

Please note that this section of the EU MSP Platform website is not currently being updated with new information. However, the resources throughout our website remain relevant to our mission of sharing knowledge and experiences on MSP in the EU.

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