MSP Data Governance

Project Implementation Period: 
February 2018 - December 2019

€ 439,000

About the Project: 

The project represents a part of the Blue Growth & Marine Planning Scheme, established under the Union Priority 6 (Integrated Maritime Policy) of Ireland’s EMFF Operational Programme. It splits into three categories, and represents a part of the “MSP Data Management”.

The aim of the project is to ensure reliable data storage and management systems. This provides assurance of the availability and versioning of data.  Improved data archiving supports legislative compliance and reduces costs by retaining only required data. The project implies that the access to data and information is controlled to meet legislative and data owners' requirements necessary to assure ongoing availability of this data. The data catalogue provides clarity in regard to the data available and its usage suitability.  More consistent data storage and access provide easier integration and reuse.

Project Outputs: 

  • Data Management framework
  • Data Management Plans
  • Data Governance Policy to define how data can be used for MSP services
  • MSP Data Catalogue system in place
  • MSP Data Storage and Management Systems in place


Project partners

  • Marine Institute (IE);
  • Compass Informatics (IE).