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Completion Year:

Contact Person(s):

Mr Razvan Doru (razvan_doru[at]yahoo[dot]com)

+40 241 543288

Implementation Period:
Specific Funding Programme:

National Research, Development and Innovation Program PN II.

About the Project:

The project aims to establish a scientific and technological network for the implementation of an integrated informational system in order to support the Integrated Coastal Zone Management activities. This will allow an effective protection, conservation and rehabilitation of the coastal ecosystem of the Romanian Black Sea area.

The main objective of ECOMAGIS is to work in the operational sector to provide near-real/real time marine and coastal meteo-hydro-bio-geomorphologic data and information in order to increase the control and awareness capacity at regional scale. It also allows to integrate the modern technologies for geo-database access by an Environmental Data Portal.

Project partners

  • National Institute for Marine Research & Development – Lead partner (RO)
  • SIVECO Romania (RO)
  • Ovidius University in Constanţa (Faculty of Biology and Hydrology) (RO)
  • Bucharest University (Faculty of Geography) (RO)