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Océan Métiss SeaSketch Tool


The tool was developed within the framework of the Ocean Métiss project that aims to build a strategy and a spatial plan for the maritime development of La Réunion, in the southwest of the Indian Ocean. It is a participatory maritime spatial zoning tool.

Application in MSP:
Type of Issue:
Type of practice:
Stage of MSP cycle:
Cross-border / trans-national aspect:
Coherence with other processes:
Key words:

Questions this practice may help answer:

  • What data is available regarding Maritime Spatial Planning in the Reunion Island?

Implementation Context:

This tool was developed within the framework of the Ocean Métiss project.

Aspects / Objectives:

This participatory tool aims to visualise spatial data on the physical environment, ecosystems and human activities, as well as propose zoning and participation in maritime spatial planning for the Reunion's marine territories.


It is a participatory maritime spatial zoning tool.

Main Outputs / Results:

This tool aims to involve all stakeholders at all levels and provides a real image reflecting the needs and challenges for the region.

On this site you can:

  • visualise spatial data on human activities, ecosystems and the physical environment of the Reunion's marine territory ("Data" tab);
  • propose zoning and thus participate in maritime spatial planning ("My plans" tab);
  • share your knowledge, your opinions and access the consultations ("Share" tab).


This data portal can be used as an example in the development of data portals of other sea regions.

Responsible Entity:

This site uses the SeaSketch tool developed within the NCEAS (National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis) from the University of Santa Barbara (California).

Funding Source:

The report is developed within the framework of the Océan Métiss project sponsored by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF).

Contact person:

Océan Métiss project.