D23 Report of technical workshop “LSI analysis for MSP”


This document is a report of the second workshop organised within the framework of the MSP MED Project. This project aims at promoting Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) processes in the Mediterranean Sea. This workshop targeted Land-Sea Interactions (LSI) analysis at national level and existing synergies with MSP principles. The main goal of the second workshop was to exchange information on the different approaches undertaken for LSI analysis in the national marine planning processes to help to capitalise from other experiences and lay the groundwork for cross-border consultation encompassing LSI components. 

Sea Basin(s): 
November 2020
Application in MSP: 
Applied in a related process
Not sector specific
Type of Issue: 
Land-sea interactions
Type of practice: 
Stage of MSP cycle: 
Vision and aims
Analyse spatial aspects
Cross-border / trans-national aspect: 
Coherence with other processes: 
Integrated Coastal Zone Management

Questions this practice may help answer:

  • How is LSI considered at national level in the Mediterranean?
  • How is LSI considered in national MSP processes?
  • What are the synergies between LSI and MSP approaches?

Implementation Context:

This report is a deliverable from the MSP MED project which aims at facilitating the MSP Directive’s processes, currently at different stages of implementation, in the Member States (MS) surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, by supporting the establishment of coherent and coordinated maritime spatial plans across the Region.

Aspects / Objectives:

This report summarises the technical workshop organised by the MSP Med project. It aimed at analysing Land-Sea Interactions in the national marine spatial planning processes of the countries involved.


The workshop was attended by more than 50 participants who shared their experiences on Land-Sea Interactions during a round table discussion together with the DG MARE, the EU MSP platform and UNESCO-IOC, and the UNEP/MAP PAP/RAC. Previous projects outputs (SUPREME Project, ESPON project) were also considered.

Main Outputs / Results:

During the workshop, the main LSI components were highlighted as fundamental for a coherent analysis for the integration in national MSP processes.


This document focuses on the Mediterranean countries, but considerations for LSI could be useful to inform other MSP approaches. 

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EMFF Work Programme 2018 EASME tender EASME/EMFF/2018/

Contact person:

MSP MED: info@mspmed.eu