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Cross-border Cooperation for Maritime Spatial Planning 2

Funding Programme:

Interreg V.A. "Greece-Cyprus 2014-2020"

Funding Programme:

Interreg V-A Greece-Cyprus 2014-2020


Completion Year:

Implementation Period:
Specific Funding Programme:

Interreg V.A. "Greece-Cyprus 2014-2020"


Overall Budget: € 2.757.000,00

EU Contribution: € 2.343.450,00

About the Project:

The project capitalizes on the results of the previous Strategic Project THAL-CHOR: Cross-border Cooperation Maritime Spatial Planning Development, co-funded by the Interreg Greece-Cyprus 2007-2013 Programme. The capitalization is made at both the content and the corporate level, as it incorporates a new strategic partner, the Ministry of Environment and Energyof Greece, a competent authority for MSP in Greece. In terms of content in particular, the aim is no longer to prepare the two countries for the implementation of the Directive but to align with the requirements of the Directive and the gradual introduction of Maritime Spatial Planning by March 2021 (Article 15.3).

The expected results are identified on two levels: institutional and scientific. Both in producing the project output index, i.e. the surface area of ​​10,000 sqr km to be covered under the project by institutional arrangements and / or joint action plans for the implementation of the MFA. More specifically:
• The expected results from the institutional level of the relevant services in Greece / Cyprus (the "cross-border institutional pole") concern the formulation of policy tools and other institutional arrangements for the implementation of the MFA.
• The expected results from the technical / scientific level of cooperation of the universities (the "cross-border scientific pole") concern the upgrading of the technological basis (databases and information systems of MSP) for the recording and management of marine information (mapping and vaccination) of the operational needs of MSP / ICZM implementation.

Outputs of "content" related to the implementation of project actions and in connection with the "Specific Objective 3.3" of the Greece-Cyprus Cross-Border Program 2014-2020: mapping with 10,000 sqr km mapping, updating of Marine Geospatial Databases in Greece and Cyprus, training of at least 2 Maritime Spatial Plans, Marine and Coastal Maritime Policy Instruments (1 Statement on MSP Policy and 1 Specialization of Spatial Planning in the Island Area within MSP) Implementation of the National Strategy for Space Marine and Coastal Zones.

Project partners

  • DEPARTMENT OF SHIPPING, Cyprus (Lead Partner)
  • Ministry of Interior, Departments of Lands and Surveys of Cyprus
  • Technological University of Cyprus
  • Oceanographic Center of the University of Cyprus
  • Ministry of Environment and Energy, Greece
  • Aegean University, Greece