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Marine planning: A guide for local authority planners (England)

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This guide compares land-use and marine planning to increase understanding of the links across the land and sea.

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  • What is the role of local councils in marine planning in England?
  • How does marine planning relate to land-use planning?

Implementation Context

To support the development of marine planning in England, the Marine Management Organisation (MMO), the responsible authority for marine planning, undertook a number of activities to facilitate marine planning across the six marine plan regions (which will total 10 marine plans). This included a number of guidance documents and this report details a guide for local councils, to understand the marine planning process, how it relates to land-use planning and how it informs their functions with regard to their existing responsibilities.


Aspects / Objectives



  • Provide an overview of marine plans and the marine planning system
  • Set out the relationship between marine planning and land-use planning
  • Set out how the marine plans should be used by local authorities.




A guidance document was drafted by the MMO to clarify the role of local councils in the marine planning process.

Main Outputs / Results

Report available online at:


The guidance focusses specifically on the role of local councils in England. Some elements regarding the process, including the relationship between marine and land-use planning may be of relevance in similar contexts.

Responsible Entity

Marine Management Organisation

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Marine Management Organisation

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Marine Management Organisation

Lancaster House
Hampshire Court
Newcastle upon Tyne
Tel: 0300 123 1032

Email: (planning[at]marinemanagement[dot]org[dot]uk)