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Blue Corridors


This set of practical information introduces blue corridors and provides some examples and recommendations on how to work with Blue Corridors in practical marine spatial planning.

  • Jan 2006

Mapping the marine landscape


This report summaries the work related to marine landscape and habitat mapping published in 17 independent BALANCE Interim Reports. The BALANCE mapping efforts has operated at two scales:

1) the...

  • Jan 2008

Bow-tie approach


The Bow-tie approach comes from a risk assessment background. It will be transferred to MSP with regard to evaluating exisitng legislation and policies (showing gaps and duplications) and in drawing...

  • Jan 2016

Governance baselines


The governance baselines approach originally visualises "how the govenrance system in a specific place has responded, or failed to respond the trajectory of ecosystem change [...]. In BALTSPACE, this approach...

  • Jan 2016

Coping with information gaps

The Key to Governing the Fragile Baltic Sea

This practice illustrates the fact that information gaps are different and each gap needs different measures in order to cope with the lack of necessary information while preparing maritime spatial...

  • Jan 2012