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This case study was developed as part of the SUPREME project to support EU Member States in the Eastern Mediterranean with MSP Implementation.

Celtic Seas Partnership 

This study explores future growth scenarios in the Celtic Seas and the resulting impacts on environmental, social and economic conditions.


Application to share analytical methods, tools and geodatabase to support application of the MESMA framework.

The Crown Estate   

This study, conducted by the National Federation of Fisherman’s Organisations (NFFO) in the UK, on behalf of the Marine Management Organisation (MMO), provides insights on the effects of the Offshore Wind Farms (OWF) on fishing practices in UK wat


As a changing climate alters ocean conditions, the redistribution of marine ecosystem services and benefits will affect maritime activities and societal value chains.

Pan Baltic Scope 

Habitat-forming species are key in providing ecosystem services, green infrastructure and Blue Economy.

Clyde Marine Planning Partnership

This document presents the first step in formal regional marine planning in the Clyde.

ICES Journal of Marine Science

The global expansion of offshore windfarms (OWF), whilst seen as a tool to combat climate change, can often be of concern to fishing communities already challenged by spatial restrictions.

Coastal and maritime areas have significant natural resources and are of great financial significance. However, the intense and reckless exploitation of natural resources has led to a degradation of the marine environment.

Journal of Coastal Conservation - Volume 25 

Human activities and natural processes interact with each other in complex ways along the land-sea interface.

ClimVar & ICZM - Integration of Climatic Variability and Change into National Strategies to Implement the Protocol on ICZM in the Mediterranean

The plan focuses on adaptation to climate change, coastal water management and spatial development.

Baltic SCOPE

The report highlights the main tools and processes developed and used by MSP planners expert groups in their attempts to identify and solve key transboundary conflict issues in the Southwest Baltic area, and the main results and findings from thes