Which Maritime Spatial Plans exist?

The first Strategic Plan for Environment and Development (2015-2020) has been reviewed in preparation for its second phase, in line with the MSP Directive.

The maritime spatial plan of Malta is available here:  

The Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) Directive has been transposed into Maltese legislation through subsidiary legislation (S.L.552.27) under the Development Planning Act of 2016 (Cap.552) which states that the Strategic Plan for Environment and Development (SPED), and any replacement spatial strategy, shall constitute the Maritime Spatial Plan for Malta. In 2020, the Government of Malta called for a review of the SPED and as the Competent Authority for MSP, the Planning Authority has started the process which will be governed by the procedures set out in legislation.

MSP legislation

The main legislative act for spatial planning in Malta is the Development Planning Act of 2016 which also addresses development at sea. Subsidiary legislation under this Act is being prepared for the transposition of Directive 2014/89/EU. The Strategic Plan for Environment and Development (SPED, 2015) is the overarching document  for planning issues on land and at sea in an integrated manner.

National MSP authority

The competent authority for MSP implementation is the Planning Authority (PA), falling within the remit of the Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects, fulfills its operational functions through the Executive Council which includes members from the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA). 


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The Planning Authority (PA) 

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Environmental Assessment Unit 

Environment and Resources Authority (ERA)

Last Update 04.07.2022