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This map was compiled from different international sources such as EMODnet, EEA or Marine Regions. Information obtained from these sources was cross-checked with data from national sources. While compilation was carried out by the European MSP Platform, validation and quality assurance remain the responsibility of the primary data sources.

Basic facts on Marine Waters

  • Malta’s internal waters is approximately 199 km², its territorial waters, out to 12 nautical miles (as defined by UNCLOS) cover approximately 3,830 km². Malta’s Contiguous Zone, out to 24 nautical miles (as defined by UNCLOS) is approximately 10,762 km². Its Continental Shelf (as defined by UNCLOS) is covering approximately 75,779 km². 
  • Malta has not yet declared an Exclusive Economic Zone. 
  • Area of the Fisheries Management Conservation Zone (FMCZ) which extends to 25 nm from the baseline from which the breadth of the territorial waters is measured (Territorial Waters and Contiguous Zone Act, Cap. 226) is approximately 11,480 km². 
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Maritime Spatial Plan(s)

Status: Adopted 

Malta adopted its fist maritime spatial plan, the Strategic Plan for Environment and Development (2015-2020) in July 2015 which has since been reviewed in preparation for its second phase, in line with the EU MSP Directive.

Malta's maritime spatial plan and related documents are available here (in English)   

Latest MSP developments

Malta's maritime spatial plan is currently under revision. Economic scenarios analysis is to be delivered soon. 

Next steps

A call for the elaboration of a background paper to analyse how Ecosystem-Based Assessment was included in the Maltese maritime spatial plan and how it could be further included in future revisions, is to be launched in the first half of 2024.

MSP legislation

The EU MSP Directive is transposed into national legislation through the subsidiay legislation (S.L.552.27) under the Development Planning Act of 2016 (Cap.552) which states that the Strategic Plan for Environment and Development (SPED), and any replacement spatial strategy, shall constitute the Maritime Spatial Plan for Malta. 

National MSP authority

Malta's competent authority for MSP is the Planning Authority (PA), under the Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects.


Michelle Borg

The Planning Authority (PA) 

Unit Manager (Msp[dot]malta[at]pa[dot]org[dot]mt)


Josianne Abela Vassallo

Environmental Assessment Unit 

Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) (Eia[dot]malta[at]era[dot]org[dot]mt)

For more information

For more information regarding the evolution of the MSP process in Malta please see the dedicated country profile below.