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User Guidance Document

This is a short explanation of how to make optimal use of the Funding programme database, to ensure that only those results relevant to your specific search command will appear. The more search categories are specified, the more selective the displayed results will be. If you choose not to specify an option in a search category, no distinction will be made in the search results and all entries that have been assigned all of the options in that search category will be shown. It is also possible to enter a keyword or the name of a funding programme in the free text search box. Do you feel that there is something missing, or that any of the information is incorrect or incomplete? Please contact us via or fill in the Contact Form.

Funding programmes database

 Search category       



Select one of the options to reveal only the entries that are under that Funding programme. LIFE is the financial instrument of the European Union supporting environmental, nature conservation and climate action projects throughout the EU. Interreg provides funding opportunities for cross-border, transnational and/or interregional cooperation. Select EUROPEAN COMMISSION to find Funding opportunities that are published  directly by the EC. Select NATIONAL, RESEARCH PROGRAMME or OTHER to find specific Funding programmes.


A Call for Proposal is defined as a grant for a project. A Call for Tender is defined
as a contract for services and goods*.

 Sea basin

Select a Sea basin to reveal the Funding programmes that apply
to an entire sea basin.


Select a Country to reveal only those Funding programmes that
are specifically relevant for that country.