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Training Opportunities for Professionals

Sustainable, resilient and climate friendly Blue Growth of EU Aquaculture and Beyond

15th June 2022 - 29th July 2022


"Sustainable, resilient and climate friendly Blue Growth of EU Aquaculture and Beyond" is the free-of-charge online course, which will be hosted by CIHEAM Bari's eLearning platform ( aiming to turn/transform results and outputs into practical knowledge to implement the innovative solution identified and developed in the framework of the Horizon 2020 "FutureEUAqua" project. Designed by CIHEAM Bari jointly with FutureEUAcqua Partners, the course is mainly addressed to aquaculture stakeholders, innovation brokers, SMEs and policymakers, involved in deploying innovations in aquaculture, with a focus on sustainable agriculture, feed ingredients and feeding strategies, organic aquaculture, production systems, safety and quality, monitoring technologies, consumer awareness and the European regulatory framework for aquaculture.

Training material of the online training on “Sustainable, resilient and climate friendly Blue Growth of EU Aquaculture and Beyond”

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 Ecosystem-Based Management (EBM) and Marine Spatial Planning (MSP)

19 April - 22 May 2022


The Mediterranean basin has a number of human pressures that threaten marine and coastal ecosystems and biodiversity. These pressures arise from several sectors such as maritime traffic, fishing, industry, and tourism. Ecosystem-based management is considered the best practice to effectively deal with these threats since this approach considers the different stakeholders and factors affecting ecosystems and the mechanisms involved, in order to find solutions. By attending this program, you will experience a unique learning experience by interacting with many actors involved in marine spatial planning management and experts from the scientific community across the Mediterranean. Furthermore, each module has been designed by experts from the Biodiversity Protection Community and as such addresses the topics from an insider’s perspective.  

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Summer School for Young Planners and Regional Developers on “Sustainable Futures for the Baltic Sea Region”

22-26 August 2022

University of Greifswald – Institute of Geography and Geology, Germany

The University of Greifswald initiates a Summer School for Young Planners and Regional Developers on “Sustainable Futures for the Baltic Sea Region” jointly with VASAB. The Summer School will bring together young professionals and students and give them a chance to create a network of next-generation planners by discussing their expectations and perspectives for the future of the Baltic Sea Region.

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Multi-Use Offshore Training Workshops 

Throughout the UNITED project, the consortium organises a series of five training workshops. Workshops are addressing current and most pressing topics in the field of ocean multi-use activities. By examining diverse potential multi-use concepts from economical, environmental, legal, social and technical perspectives, these events offer a platform to bring together stakeholders from different ocean sectors, research community as well as the representatives of public administration and society.

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MOOC on Planning and Management of Marine and Coastal Areas

13 December 2021 - 31 January 2022


This course aims to provide participants with an overall knowledge of planning and management of marine and coastal areas, the principles, and approaches that can be adopted for its effective elaboration and implementation. Specific focus will be addressed on available stakeholder engagement approaches and communication strategies to support planning and management of marine and coastal areas.

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Transnational training on land-sea interactions in spatial planning

20-21 October 2021

Online, broadcasted from Tallinn, Estonia

Land-Sea-Act project and Tallinn University organise transnational training on land-sea interactions in spatial planning and is cordially inviting to participate spatial planners, regional and local representatives of governance from coastal areas with interest in themes of Blue Growth, coastal and marine environment and tourism, offshore wind parks and cultural heritage.

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Training Programme in Blue Sector

December 2020 – March 2021


Within the INTERREG Atlantic Area Project FANBEST (Funding Atlantic Network for Blue Economy Technology Transfer), an online transnational training programme will be held composed of a series of webinars to enhance the capacity of advisers, support services, researchers and entrepreneurs in fundraising for technology transfer in the Blue Economy. The Webinars are FREE OF CHARGE with a duration per webinar between 60 to 120 minutes maximum including a question/answer session and practical exercises with the attendees. The webinars will make use of the Zoom platform and interactive tools to promote interaction of attendees with supervisors. Training and material will be provided in English.

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Training course on “Science-Policy-Society interactions in ecosystem-based marine resources management and planning”

1.03.2021 - 4.03.2021

Venice, Italy

The Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community (MBPC) and the BlueMed Coordination and Support Action (Research and innovation for blue jobs and growth in the Mediterranean Area), in collaboration with the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO (IOC-UNESCO) and the MSPglobal Initiative, are organising an online training 22-24-26 March 2021. The course targets mid-career marine scientists and professionals that seek to streamline marine conservation and marine science into planning and management of marine spaces and marine resources through the use of participatory mechanisms engaging with stakeholders, resource managers, conservationists and policy-makers. The training is co-organised by the Marine Institute (Croatia), the National Research Council - Institute of Marine Sciences (CNR-ISMAR, Italy), the European Topic Centre of the University of Malaga (Spain) and the Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (France).

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15.01.2020 - 23.01.2020
Magoodhoo, Faafu Atoll, Maldives

The general objective of the training workshop is to test an MSP process through the creation of co-produced knowledge related to critical issues and opportunities of the Maldivian island/s by incorporating, socio-economic, cultural, and environmental aspects considering also climate change issues. The workshop is organized by the Planning Climate Change research group of the Iuav University of Venice. The participants and all the activities will be hosted by the Marine Research and High Education Center (MaRHE Center) of the University of Milano-Bicocca ( The deadline for the registration is the 1st October 2019.

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Training Programme on Regional Ocean Governance for the Mediterranean, Black, Baltic and Caspian Seas

4 November - 6 December 2019

This training programme is a flagship activity of IOI together with that delivered from the University of Dalhousie in Canada and builds upon the more than 35 years' experience of the International Ocean Institute in conducting training and capacity building programmes on ocean governance. One of the main objectives is to assist in the formation of a core of decision-makers who will be aware of the complex global and regional contemporary issues of coastal and ocean management.   

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