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Ricardo J. Haroun Tabraue

Ricardo Haroun Tabraue

Ricardo J. Haroun Tabraue is a Marine Biologist, expert on Systematics, Sustainable Uses and Conservation of Marine Biota. Full Professor at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain), with more than 200 scientific publications related to biodiversity, ecological processes and sustainable use of marine resources. His expertise is mainly associated with coastal and marine ecosystems in diverse geographical settings (Japan, Hawaii, Panama, The Netherlands, Israel, Morocco, Senegal, Sao Tomé & Principe, etc.), although as an islander the land to sea interactions has been also a crucial part of his professional career.

Member of the Ecosystem Management Commission of IUCN mainly dealing with Blue Economy and Sustainable Aquaculture Production. Expertise developed in marine spatial planning, introduced marine species, environmental interactions, climate change and its effects on benthic communities, and ecosystem services mainly in the Macaronesian Archipelagos. Research projects coordinated includes “Canary Islands Marine Biota”, “Canarias, por una Costa Viva”, Ecological Status of Macroalgae and Climate Change in the Canaries, Prevent Escapes, EcoAqua (Research and Technology to enhance excellence in Aquaculture Development under an Ecosystem Approach) MarSP (Macaronesian Marine Spatial Planning), MOVE & MOVE-ON projects related to Ecosystem Services, MSP-OR (Marine Spatial Planning in Outermost Regions), HEurope project OCEAN CITIZENS and BIODIVERSA project RESTORESEAS (Marine Forests of animals, plants and algae: Nature-based tools to protect and restore biodiversity), with active participation in marine sciences networks such as EURO Ocean and Zero Plastic Group of the Reserve of Biosphere Network, mostly with researchers from the European Outermost Regions and nearby geographic areas. 

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