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Patrycja Enet

Patrycja Enet is the MSP focal point for the North Sea. She is a marine and coastal expert with 20 years of experience in ocean/coastal management and climate adaptation at the global and regional -EU- levels. She is a senior advisor in the United Nations System, working for the UN Climate Change Secretariat (UNFCCC) Adaptation Programme Oceans and for the Secretariat of the United Nations Environment Management Group (UN-EMG) – her specific tasks include advancing evidence-based action in the thematic area of ocean-climate and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by addressing enhancing resilience of oceans, sustainable ocean management as well as source to sea marine litter across sectors for a UN-system wide support to Member States. She has working knowledge of the legal and global frameworks for maritime zones with activities taking place in the oceans and seas; sustainable development, climate actions and disaster risk reduction. She specializes in governance of the seas and coastal areas by use of integrated approaches of MSP, ICZM, IWRM, EbA and MPAs, where she has been linking expert communities with different background including academic, engineering, decision makers, policy makers, NGOs, etc.

In Europe, she has been involved in managing marine and coastal areas through the initiatives of the European Commission that supported the development of the EU Maritime Policy, including strengthening the capacities through guidance, dialogue with policymakers and stakeholders, international partnerships and cooperation. In one of her assignments, she developed and carried out the European Commission’s Ourcoast initiative that created stable information mechanisms to support the implementation of marine and coastal planning and management in the EU. 

She has been working at northern European research institutes, marine engineering enterprises, and the non-governmental coastal and marine union, where she has been delivering technical advice and combining knowledge in policy and processes with on the ground practical experience at the national, regional and local level in various countries around the world. She spent the last few years at the Dutch national knowledge institute Deltares working with climate adaptation, risk management and integrated approaches for marine and coastal areas, with specific tasks focused on advising the Dutch Ministry on international developments in the field of ocean governance, and she has been involved in the international efforts for oceans by providing expert input to high-level forums, e.g. Science for Ocean Action for a High-level Panel on Building a Sustainable Ocean Economy. With vast experience in international project settings and interest in sound practical implementation of integrated approaches, throughout her entire career she has been actively engaged in marine and coastal management and planning to improve coordination between land- and sea-based activities. The countries of her current professional affiliation are: the Netherlands, Germany and France.

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