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Natasa Vaidianu

Natasa is an Associate Professor from Bucharest, working at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Agricultural Sciences, Ovidius University Constanta. Natasa is also a researcher at University of Bucharest, in the Interdisciplinary Centre for Advanced Research on Territorial Dynamics. Her research interests include Maritime Spatial Planning, ocean governance, the science-policy interface, coastal and wetland management, stakeholder involvement and participatory approaches. Natasa is one of the facilitators of meetings and workshops related to MSP at local and national levels.

The majority of this research work is carried out in the Black Sea Basin, Danube Delta and Eastern Europe. Natasa is a member of Marine Social Science Research Group, based in Environmental Planning, Queen’s University Belfast, engaged with a range of social science perspectives to research contemporary marine issues and to inform marine governance and policy. She is also a member of the MSP Research Network and IMBER program.

She implemented European and national research projects on different topics related to coastal and marine areas, conducting innovative research on a wide range of topics, including: maritime spatial planning; marine citizen science; coastal conflicts; just coastal transitions and environmental social justice. She is a regional expert in different EU BE policy projects, related to Integrated Maritime Policy for the Black Sea since 2015.

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