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Underwater archaeological heritage and tourism in Macaronesia

Funding Programme:

ERDF / Interreg V-A - Spain-Portugal (Madeira-Açores-Canarias, MAC)

Funding Programme:

ERDF / Interreg V-A - Spain-Portugal (Madeira-Açores-Canarias, MAC)


Completion Year:


Implementation Period:

Overall budget: € 1,233,500 
EU contribution: € 1,048,475

About the Project:

The Margullar regional cooperation project aims to conserve, protect, and promote the underwater archaeological heritage of the Macaronesia islands through the creation of a new tourist product.

The project helps to improve, energise and diversify local tourism in the different regions of Macaronesia. It creates jobs in the tourist sector, but it also contributes to awareness-raising and awareness of the importance of the underwater cultural heritage and its history. Lastly, it helps educate citizens about the conservation, preservation and enhancement of this underwater heritage.

The project has three main objectives, including various activities.

  • The first is the conception and development of the underwater archaeological tourist product of the Macaronesian islands.
  • The second objective is to create the underwater archaeological tourist product of Macaronesia. The Margullar project enables the territories to create a catalogue of underwater heritage assets, discovered through the immersion programme and new underwater investigations.
  • The third objective is to launch the underwater archaeological tourism product of Macaronesia. This objective includes the promotion of underwater routes, as well as the creation of a sustainability plan to define a long-term protection and enhancement strategy. Within this context, the Margullar project also includes a training programme in two phases: training in underwater archaeology; training of guides.

Finally, Margullar supports the project's non-Member states of Senegal and Cape Verde in their process of ratifying the 2001 UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage.

Project partners

  • Cabildo de Lanzarote (Lead Partner) Canary Islands (ES);
  • Direção Regional da Cultura dos Açores - Fundo Regional de Ação Cultural Azores (PT);
  • ADCA - Agência para o Desenvolvimento da Cultura nos Açores Azores (PT);
  • Regional Secretary for Tourism and Culture Direção Regional da Cultura Madeira (PT);
  • Associação Comercial e Industrial do Funchal Câmara de Comércio e Industria da Madeira (PT);
  • Instituto do Património Cultural Cabo Verde (PT);
  • Direction du Patrimoine Culturel du Sénégal (SN).