Strengthening the Regional Capacity to Support the Sustainable Management of the Black Sea Fisheries

Project Implementation Period: 
January 2011 - January 2013
Specific Funding Programme: 

Joint Operational Program “Black Sea 2007-2013” (ENPI CBC)


Overall Budget: € 486.409,00
EU Contribution: € 437.768,73

About the Project: 

The project aims to facilitate the cooperation between Black Sea coastal states in the field of marine ecosystem and resource management. Knowledge sharing and research activities are a key element of the project implementation, serving to provide an objective analysis of fish stocks, as well as valuable strategic management advice. The project adopts a thorough approach that includes a harmonization of methods and tools to assess the present state of fish stocks, the use of analytic models to align the common methods for sampling, processing and interpretation data from fisheries, and awareness-raising with respect to the need to implement advice from research and joint-regional stock assessment in the management strategies for the fisheries; adding information sharing, knowledge and data base improvement by working visits, data survey, trainings and manuals translating in all partners languages.

Specific objectives

-Harmonization of methods and tools for assessing the present state of fish stocks by scientific surveys, holistic models

  • Methods of swept area (bottom trawl survey, egg and larval survey, juvenile survey);
  • Hydroacoustic methods;

-Alignment of the common methods for sampling, data processing and interpretation obtained by fisheries and stock assessment, using analytic models

  • To describe population dynamics of fish stocks, many models have been developed, among the most often used models are Virtual Population Analysis (VPA), simple production model (Schaefer model) and Yield per Recruit model (Beverton and Holt model)

-Awareness of fishery organizations and national fisheries decision–makers concerning the need to use the research results and advice from joint – regional stock assessment in the fisheries management strategies


Project partners

  • National Institute for Marine Research and Development “Grigore Antipa”, Constanta - Coordinator (RO)
  • Institute of Fishing Resources, Varna (BG)
  • Institute of Oceanology of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Varna (BG)
  • Southern Research Institute of Sea Fisheries and Oceanography, Kerch (UA)
  • Central Fisheries Research Institute, Trabzon (TR)
  • Black Sea Technical University, Marine Science Faculty, Trabzon (TR)