SHoCMed: Project in support to the GFCM CAQ Working Group on Site Selection and Carrying Capacity (WGSC)

Project Implementation Period: 
January 2012
Specific Funding Programme: 

Funded with contribution of European Commission DG MARE


Budget of €180 000 to support the Committee on Aquaculture of the GFCM

SHoCMed: 30% of €261 300 in 2012 i.e. €78 390 (total cost: €871 000 over a period of 40 months) 

About the Project: 

The SHoCMed project aims at producing criteria for enhancing the integration of aquaculture in coastal areas by improving site selection and holding capacity benchmarks and reference points. The project develops site selection and carrying capacity guidelines for Mediterranean aquaculture within aquaculture appropriate areas.

The idea of the project is to provide a base for harmonisation of standards, appropriate aquaculture policy and legal frameworks for aquaculture sustainable development, which in turn will ensure equal terms of competition and minimal environmental impact.

The first year of the project focused on identifying knowledge gaps and defining priorities and criteria to be addressed in the second year of the project with the aim of moving towards a methodology for improving sustainable marine aquaculture in the Mediterranean.             

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Project partners

SHoCMed project was designed and developed within the Working Group on Site Selection and Carrying Capacity.