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Sharing marine and coastal cross management experiences in the Adriatic basin

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Adriatic plus does not have a project website. The project has a Facebook account:

Summary information is also available within the website of Adriatic plus partners, e.g.

Contact Person(s):

Caterina Fortuna

City of Pescara

E-mail: (adriatic[dot]ipaproject[at]comune[dot]pescara[dot]it)

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Specific Funding Programme:

IPA Adriatic Cross-border Cooperation 2007-2013

About the Project:

The project Adriatic plus, stemming from the results of three IPA ordinary projects (NETCET, SHAPE, HAZADR) and two IPA Strategic Projects (BALMAS, DEFISHGEAR), promotes the sharing of marine and coastal management experiences in the Adriatic basin in order to foster the definition of a coherent and systematic planning and to contribute to the achievement of EUSAIR objectives, in particular related to Pillars 1 (Blue growth), 3 (Environmental quality) and 4 (Sustainable tourism). The final main result is a feasibility study aimed to set up the ADRIATIC+ Decision Support System (DSS) for the adoption of measures to mitigate threats to the marine and coastal biodiversity. Thanks to the sharing of expertise, tools and data gathered within capitalized IPA projects, the project contributes also to the establishment of a scientific and technical network among relevant organizations and experts in the Adriatic enhancing also linkages with similar EU networks and projects in the Mediterranean. The final project outcome is to improve the Adriatic-Ionian macro-region governance system of environmental policies and the capability to manage local resources in a rational and coordinated way.

Project partners

Adriatic plus included the following partners:

  • City of Pescara (Italy) – Lead Beneficiary;
  • Cetacea Foundation (Italy);
  • Blue World Institute of Marine Research and Conservation (Croatia);
  • Institute for Marine Biology (Montenegro);
  • Regional Development Centre Koper (Slovenia);
  • Abruzzo Region (Italy);
  • Marche Region (Italy);
  • Institute for Water of Republic of Slovenia (Slovenia);
  • Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries (Croatia).

Moreover the following associated partners were involved in the project:

  • Veneto Region (Italy);
  • Emilia Romagna Region (Italy);
  • City of Numana (Italy);
  • Croatian Agency for the Environment and Nature (Croatia);
  • University of Padua (Italy);
  • City of Venice (Italy).