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SEAPLANSPACE - Marine spatial planning instruments for sustainable marine governance

Funding Programme:



Completion Year:

Contact Person(s):

Prof. Dorota Pyć, PhD

Head of Department of Maritime Law

Faculty of Law and Administration

University of Gdańsk


80-952 Gdańsk, Poland

ul. Jana Bażyńskiego 6

Phone +48 58 523 28 22

Fax  +48 58 523 27 14

Mobile +48 502 265 041

e-mail: (dpyc[at]prawo[dot]ug[dot]edu[dot]pl)

Implementation Period:
Specific Funding Programme:

Interreg South Baltic Programme 2014 - 2020


Overall budget: € 1,684,656.95 

EU contribution: € 1,360,932.56

About the Project:

The project aims at increasing the know-how and knowledge on sustainable marine governance of the people engaged in maritime issues and problems  in their daily work. The main vehicles serving this purpose are: training and networking according to the jointly prepared training curricula with a focus on national specificities of the five South Baltic countries covered by the project.

The project fills the gap in MSP trainings. Previous trainings were offered mainly to MSP professional (public administration running MSP), students and researchers. Other professionals had very limited knowledge on MSP. Therefore, a key target group under SEAPLANSPACE are professionals at local/municipal administrative levels, from companies and communities influenced by MSP. However students who plan to work in the field of blue growth and MSP are also welcomed. The project aims at informing about MSP people outside spatial planners community and facilitating their easier engagement to MSP.  The main project actions are following:

  • joint preparation of a training programme to be implemented in five South Baltic countries,
  • an English-language publication on international aspects of MSP, bilingual publications concerning the spatial development of marine areas and sustainable marine governance from the perspective of countries involved in the Project,
  • workshops for around 300 MSP stakeholders from South Baltic countries training on MSP those who will be influenced and involved in MSP (both private and public sector),
  • launching and running of a web portal to assist the exchange of experiences and knowledge in relation to MSP in the South Baltic Area.

Project partners:

  • Lead partner: University of Gdansk (PL);
  • Aalborg University (DK);
  • EUCC - The Coastal Union (DE);
  • World Maritime University (SE);
  • Maritime Institute in Gdańsk (PL);
  • County Administration Board of Kalmar (SE);
  • Centre for Regional and Tourism Research (DK).

Associated partners:

  • Pomeranian Office for Regional Planning (PL);
  • Ministry of Energy, Infrastructure and Digitalization, Mecklenburg (DE);
  • Maritime Office, Gdynia (PL);
  • Administration of Seaside Region Park (LT).