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Promoting small-scale fisheries and aquaculture transnational networking in Adriatic-Ionian macroregion

Funding Programme:

Programme 2014 - 2020 INTERREG VB Adriatic - Ionian

Funding Programme:

Programme 2014 - 2020 INTERREG VB Adriatic - Ionian


Completion Year:

Implementation Period:

Overall budget: € 1,249,234.46

EU contribution:

ERDF budget: € 904,453.12

IPAII budget: € 157,396.16

About the Project:

ARIEL project is jointly promoted and developed by 9 scientific and institutional partners of 4 Countries (Italy, Croatia, Greece and Montenegro) and focuses on small-scale fishery and aquaculture which are two key drivers for blue and sustainable growth of Adriatic and Ionian communities. Despite their relevance, those sectors face the same challenges of maritime spatial planning, environmental and socio-economic sustainability, better conditions for innovation uptake and for scientific knowledge dissemination, more effective cooperation between entrepreneurs, academia and policy makers. In this context, ARIEL transnational approach will catalyze joint efforts to tackle this complex ecological, economic and societal challenge supporting the development of a transnational “critical mass” and the provision of common skills, tools and methods accompanying small-scale fishery and aquaculture innovation process and networking in the Adriatic and Ionian Sea basin.

ARIEL overall objective is to promote technological and non-technological solutions for innovation up take of small-scale fishery and aquaculture in Adriatic-Ionian basin, acting as knowledge network and performing a set of transferable activities to better understand threats and solutions for a more successful and sustainable management of policies and practices.


  • National Research Council - Institute of Biological Resources and Marine Biotechnologies – Lead partner (IT);
  • Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (EL);
  • Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries (HR);
  • Marche Region (IT);
  • Ministry of Agriculture And Rural Development (ME);
  • Public Institution RERA SD for Coordination and Development of Split Dalmatia County (HR);
  • Sicily Region - Mediterranean Fisheries Department - Sicilian Region (IT);
  • University of Montenegro – Institute for marine biology (ME).