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MSP Med - Paving the Road to MSP in the Mediterranean

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Dr Athena Mourmouris

Member of the Project Core Team

Honorary Director General for the Environment, Greece

E-mail: (athenamour[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]uk)

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About the Project:

MSP-MEd aims to facilitate the implementation of the ICZM Protocol in the Mediterranean Sea. The Protocol includes several explicit references to marine spatial planning providing the legal basis for planning and management in the Mediterranean. Project activities evaluated related methodologies and existing tools, proposed possible cooperation and management schemes and identified possible ways to deal with key challenges, in an effort to assist the Contracting Party to the Barcelona Convention to meet the common objectives of MSP and ICZM. MSP-MED represents also an opportunity to: (1) network with UNEP-MAP Coastal Area Management Programmes (CAMPs); (2) combine planning at the national level with consultations and implementation needed at the regional level; (3) incorporate the principles of ecosystems-based approach (EcAp) and good environmental status (GES) in the marine spatial planning (MSP). The Region of the Ionian Islands was selected as a case study combining a number of challenging characteristics.

This image shows the Case study area: Region of Ionian Islands. Source: Paving the Road to Marine Spatial Planning in the Mediterranean, Athens (2015).
This image shows the Local stakeholders’ estimation on conflicting sea uses and activities in the Ionian Sea. Source: Paving the Road to Marine Spatial Planning in the Mediterranean, Athens (2015).

Project partners

The project was commissioned by PAP/RAC to the University of Thessaly, in collaboration with external experts.

Other subjects cooperated with the project, by providing information, participating in stakeholders meetings, facilitating local meetings and field visits, and expressing views as end-users:

  • Greek Ministry for the Environment and Energy;
  • Region of Ionian Islands;
  • Regional Union of Local Administration in the Ionian Islands;
  • Hellenic Centre of Marine Research (HCMR);
  • National Marine Park of Zakynthos.