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Modeling of processes and phenomena at sea-land-atmosphere interface and the evaluation of their impact on marine and coastal environment

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Contact Person(s):

Dr. Alina SPINU


Department of Oceanography, Coastal and Marine Engineering

+40 241 543288

+40 729 831510, (aspinu[at]alpha[dot]rmri[dot]ro) / (alina_daiana_ct[at]yahoo[dot]com)


Implementation Period:
Specific Funding Programme:

National Funding Programme PROMARE – NUCLEU



About the Project:

The main objectives of the project are:

  • to provide an overview of current activities of marine and coastal environmental monitoring  by creating datasets and a spatial database as specified by the INSPIRE Directive;
  • to introduce new methods of mapping / representation and new types of datasets and development of “smart” tools in order to represent environmental factors and indicators;
  • to assess the relative vulnerability of the Romanian Black Sea coast to the impact of processes and phenomenas from land-sea-atmosphere interface and assess the "high vulnerability" socio-economic areas;
  • to increase the visibility of research by offering accessible visualization, query and download services;
  • to increase public awareness of the  vulnerability issues in the coastal and marine area based on the latest scientific information, through a Web-GIS (Coastal Atlas).

The main results are :

  • Datasets of marine and coastal environment interrelated with the socio-economic issues as structured and loaded into a spatial database ("geodatabase") required by Directive INSPIRE. 
  • GIS tools for spatial, temporary, quality and quantity analysis of coastal and marine environment and calculation of physical, chemical and biological indicators; these tools will automate the calculation process and allow the retrieval, rapid processing of several data series and displaying the results in real
  • Thematic maps of distribution and spatial analysis of environmental indicators, pressures and threats, vulnerable areas and risks;
  • Web-GIS applications that integrate database and tools and an application Web-GIS application "Coastal and marine atlas" for dissemination to end users

Datasets for coastal geomorphology

3D model of beach based on aerial photos collected during the project

Socio economic datasets

Project partners

National Institute for Marine Research and Development “Grigore Antipa”

Constanta 900581

Mamaia Blv., 300