Marine conservation's expert contribution to Maritime Spatial Planning

Project Implementation Period: 
October 2015 - December 2017
Specific Funding Programme: 

R & D Funding Programme, Federal Agency of Nature Conservation (UFOPLAN)

About the Project: 

The aim of FABENA is the development of a scientific bases for the integration of nature conservation concerns into maritime spatial planning (MSP) processes.

A midterm aim is to support the development of an expert contribution of nature conservation to MSP in the German EEZs of the North and Baltic Seas.

One focus of this project is on the identification of spatial claims and of the sensitivity of endangered and representative species and habitats (in particular habitats according to §30 BNatSchG, FFH habitat types, Red List species).

Another research topic is the analysis of legal and process orientated options for the integration of marine conservation into MSP processes.


Project Partners

Leibniz-Institute for Baltic Sea Research (IOW) - Germany - Lead partner

Associated Institutions