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Interaction in European coastal waters: A roadmap to sustainable integration of aquaculture and fisheries

Implementation Period:
Specific Funding Programme:

FP7, Cooperation, Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, and Biotechnology (KBBE)


Overall Budget: € 866.823,00

EU Contribution: € 416.065,00

About the Project:

COEXIST was a broad, multidisciplinary project which evaluated competing activities and interactions in European coastal areas. The ultimate goal of the COEXIST project was to provide a roadmap for a better integration, sustainability and synergies across the diverse activities taking place in the European coastal zone.

A roadmap for integration of aquaculture and fisheries with other activities in the coastal zone is the central output of the project.

The ultimate project outcomes are:

  • Characterisation of relevant European coastal marine ecosystems, their current utilisation and spatial management.
  • Evaluation of spatial management tools for combining coastal fisheries, aquaculture and other uses, both now and in the future.


Expected impact of the project:

  • To contribute to the maintenance and development of coastal fisheries and aquaculture
  • To contribute to the knowledge based economy
  • To provide a framework to assist with the resolution of the existing and future conflicts related to interactions between aquaculture, fisheries and other sectors
  • To contribute to the formulation, implementation and assessment of the current EU policies and legislation
  • To improve the management tools based in ecosystem approach
  • To contribute to the sustainable development at local and regional levels and to the growth of aquaculture and fisheries sectors
  • To improve the relationship and communication among stakeholders, scientist and civil society
  • To support new knowledge transfer across Europe

Project partners

  • Institute of Marine Research (IMR) – Lead Partner (NO)
  • The Game and Fisheries Research Institute (FI)
  • Finnish Environment Institute (FI)
  • Danmarks tekniske universitet (DK)
  • Johann Heinrich von Thünen Institute (DE)
  • IMARES and LEI, part of Wageningen University and Research centre (NL)
  • Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (UK)
  • University College Cork (IR)
  • AquaTT (IR)