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Integrated, Innovative and Participatory Management for N2000 network in the Marine Environment

Funding Programme:




Completion Year:


Contact Person(s):

Ignacio TORRES (itorres[at]fundacion-biodiversidad[dot]es)

Implementation Period:

Overall budget: €27,278,552.00 
EU contribution: €13,395,000.00 

About the Project:

The main objective of the LIFE-IP INTEMARES project is to implement the Prioritised Action Framework (PAF) for Natura 2000 in the Spanish marine Natura 2000 network and ensure that, upon completion, Spain has a consolidated network of marine Natura 2000 sites managed in a demonstrative, effective and integrated way, with the active participation of the sectors involved and with research as a basic tool for decision-making.

Specific objectives:

  • Ensure the maintenance or restoration of the favourable conservation status of habitats and species listed in the annexes of the Habitats and Birds Directives;
  • Ensure the effective management of the marine Natura 2000 Network;
  • Train Natura 2000 network managers and other relevant stakeholders, and create networks to promote cooperation and the exchange of information;
  • Improve critical knowledge for management;
  • Improve monitoring of habitat types and species listed in the annexes of the Nature Directives for a better assessment of their conservation status;
  • Promote innovative approaches to marine Natura 2000 site management (especially funding);
  • Provide information, training and adequate awareness for achieving conservation targets in Natura 2000 sites; and
  • Promote sustainable tourism and employment related to the Natura 2000 Network.

Expected results:

The overall expected result of the LIFE-IP INTEMARES project is the implementation of the PAF by means of a coherent management of the marine Natura 2000 Network, integrating the different interests of stakeholders, and based on the best scientific knowledge available.

Project Partners

  • Biodiversity Foundation (coordinator), (ES);
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Environment (ES);
  • Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO), (ES);
  • WWF (ES);
  • Spanish Ornithology Society / BirdLife International (SEO/BirdLife) (ES);
  • Spanish Fisheries Confederation (CEPESCA), (ES).