Innovative practices and technologies for developing sustainable aquaculture in the Baltic Sea region

Project Implementation Period: 
September 2011 - August 2013
Specific Funding Programme: 

Interreg 2007-2013 Baltic Sea Region



About the Project: 

The project strived to demonstrate that the Baltic Sea region aquaculture has the potential to become a sustainable and responsible food production system, accepted by all stakeholders. Aquabest aims to:

1. Start a self-evaluation of the environmental legislation and licensing system of the Baltic Sea region aquaculture.

2. Demonstrate a spatial planning process for sustainable aquaculture.

3. Close the nutrient loop of Baltic Sea aquaculture through fish feeds based on regional ingredients.

4. Create innovative concepts for land-based farms and transfer the technology throughout the region. 

Project partners

  • Natural Resources Institute Finland (Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institution) (Lead partner)
  • Helsinki University
  • The Government of Åland
  • Region of Jämtland
  • Swedish University of Agriculture Sciences
  • Swedish Board of Agriculture
  • Polish Trout Breeders Association
  • Latvian Institute of Food Safety, Animal Health and Environment
  • Belarusian State Agricultural Academy
  • Technical University of Denmark
  • The Danish Aquaculture Organization
  • Association of Marine Aquaculture Ltd
  • Johann Heinrich von Thünen Institute
  • Tartu University