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Constanta Space Technologies Competence Centre

Funding Programme:




Completion Year:

Contact Person(s):

Razvan Mateescu

Blvd. Mamaia 300, Constanta, ROMANIA

Tel: +40 241 543288, 540870

Fax: +40 241 831274 

Implementation Period:
Specific Funding Programme:

STAR Programme ( Space Technology and Advanced Research)


310.435 €

About the Project:

The overall goal of the project is the development of a Competence Center in spatial technologies for the South-East Region of Romania, against :

  • having the use of space technologies and remote sensing data as main application area, towards monitoring and rapid assessment of the marine and coastal environment state
  • development of environmental friendly bio-tehnologies and materials with applicability in spatial programs
  • as well for support of local and regional small, medium and big enteprisses development in accesing opportunities of the EU spatial programs

The strategic objectives of the project are the following:

  • Collecting, archiving and preservation of oceanographic data, in order to maximize their use;
  • Increasing the availability of oceanographic data for a big group of users;
  • Promoting the exchange of information on national and international level;
  • Transferring the data to different users;
  • Transferring the data from different oceanographic data sources;
  • Providing data to implement EU policies on marine field.


The Center structure will comprise three main components:

1. Research Infrastructure

2. Networking/Cooperation Platform

3. Interdiscilinary Collective of specialists for Consultancy, Expertise and Dissemination Activities