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Coherent & Cross-compliant Ocean Governance for Delivering the EU Green Deal for European Seas

Implementation Period:
Specific Funding Programme:

Horizon Europe, H-CL6-2021-GOV-01-06 
Innovative governance, environmental observations and digital solutions in support of the Green Deal


3 million €

About the Project:

CrossGov aims to enhance knowledge on how coherence and cross-compliance of marine related policies and legislation affect realizing the Green Deal goals for biodiversity protection, zero pollution and climate change adaptation and mitigation. The project will develop 5 case studies: Finnish Archipelago, Oslo Fjord, North Sea, Mediterranean, Adriatic sea. 

  • NIVA – Norwegian Institute for Water Research 
  • s.Pro – Sustainable Projects GmbH
  • UEF – The University of Eastern Finland 
  • UU – Utrecht University
  • ACTeon
  • RIFS – Research Institute for Sustainability
  • CNR – The National Research Council of Italy