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ClimVar & ICZM - Integration of climatic variability and change into national strategies to implement the ICZM Protocol in the Mediterranean

Funding Programme:

Global Environmental Facility (GEF)

Funding Programme:

Global Environmental Facility (GEF)



Completion Year:

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Implementation Period:
Specific Funding Programme:

The project was funded by GEF (Global Environmental Facility) and participating countries, enforcement agencies and sponsors.


Total project budget was 9.2 million USD. Two million USD were provided by the GEF, and seven million USD were provided by the participating countries, enforcement agencies and sponsors.

About the Project:

ClimVar & ICZM is a complementary project to the MedPartnership. It is a collective effort to promote the use of ICZM in countries sharing the Mediterranean Sea, as an effective tool to deal with the impacts of climate variability and change in coastal zones, by mainstreaming them into the ICZM process. Specific objectives of the project are:

  • To strengthen knowledge on regional climate variability and change and on their impacts, defining their specific characteristics in the Mediterranean region;
  • To strengthen partnerships, improve capacity building and establish mechanisms for exchange of data and information for integration of climate variability and change into concrete ICZM policies, plans and programmes.

Two relevant methodological documents resulted from the ClimVar & ICZM project: one for integrating adaptation into coastal planning and management, and the other, providing guidance on socio-economic assessments of the potential costs caused by climate variability and change. The project developed the Regional Climate Change Adaptation Framework for the Mediterranean Marine and Coastal Areas, adopted by COP 19 in 2016.

Moreover, within the context of the ClimVar & ICZM project, PAP and Plan Bleu Regional Activity Centres of the UNEP/MAP developed the Integrated Coastal Plan for Šibenik-Knin County that deals with both the land and sea components of the coastal area.

Project partners:

The executing agencies of the project were:

  • UNEP/Mediterranean Action Plan (UNEP/MAP)
  • Plan Bleu/Regional Activity Centre (PB/RAC)
  • Priority Actions Programme/Regional Activity Centre / (PAP RAC)
  • Global Water Partnership - Mediterranean (GWP- Med)

Participating countries: Albania, Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Montenegro, Syria, Tunisia and Palestine.