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Capacity4MSP - Strengthening the capacity of MSP stakeholders and decision makers

Funding Programme:

Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme 2014-2020.

Funding Programme:

Interreg Baltic Sea Region - ERDF


Completion Year:


Contact Person(s):

Dr. Inga Jekabsone,

Project Manager

Phone: +371 27116147

E-mail: (inga[dot]jekabsone[at]vasab[dot]org)

Implementation Period:

Overall budget: € 1,089,272.50
European Regional Development Fund (ERDF): € 909,950.00
The European Neighbourhood Instrument and Russia budget: € 179,322.50

About the Project:

Capacity4MSP will create a practically oriented and interactive collaboration platform for MSP stakeholders, decision- and policy makers that will inform, support and enhance on-going MSP efforts by capitalising on the outcomes of various transnational MSP projects and national MSP processes. It will deepen and widen the knowledge and experience gained from projects by synthesizing, amplifying and transferring the project outcomes to new practical solutions, as well as intensify the dialogue among MSP stakeholders (MSP practitioners, institutions responsible for MSP, blue economy representatives, environmentalists, etc.), decision and policy makers (e.g. EU COM, relevant ministries, HELCOM-VASAB MSP Working Group, its Data Expert sub-group, etc.).

Main project outputs:

1. Synthesis report based on outcomes of relevant MSP-related projects in correlation with ongoing MSP processes and activities in the BSR countries
2. Identified support mechanisms for the implementation of the MSP including:
2.1. Report on identified support mechanisms for the implementation of MSP encompassing conclusions
2.2. User guide and visualization material of BASEMAPS available for MSP data providers
2.3. A proposal of an institutionalised tool for a regular follow up of the regional MSP commitments in the BSR
2.4. MSP roadmap for Russia
3. Thematic multi-level and cross-sectoral workshops
4. Planners Forum meetings
5. Integrated report on MSP stakeholder involvement engagement
6. Final conference jointly organised with the 4th Baltic MSP Forum

Project activities and results

Capitalisation of the current activities and projects

Supporting the implementation of MSP in the BSR

User guide and visualization material of BASEMAPS

MSP Roadmap for Russia

Cross-sectoral dialogue

Planners dialogue

Stakeholder involvement and engagement into MSP

4th Baltic MSP Forum

  • 1-2 June 2021, online. Event organised together with the Land-Sea-Act project. Find the outcomes, presentations and video recordings in the report. Report 4th Baltic MSP Forum.

Project partners

  • VASAB Secretariat (Lead Partner)
  • State Regional Development Agency (LV);
  • Aalborg University (DK);
  • Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management (SE);
  • Ministry of Environment and Regional Development of Latvia (LV);
  • Scientific and Research Institute of Maritime Spatial Planning Ermak NorthWest (RU);
  • Submariner Network for Blue Growth (DE);
  • Russian State Hydrometeorological University (RU);
  • Gdynia Maritime University (PL).

Associated organisations

  • Finnish Heritage Agency, The Baltic Region Heritage Committee (BRHC);
  • PAENERGY (Ministryof Economics of Republic of Latvia);
  • PASHIP (Danish Maritime Authority);
  • PACULTURE (Ministryof Justice, European Affairs, Consumer Protection and Equality);
  • HA Spatial Planning (HELCOM-VASAB MSP WG);
  • Maritime Office Gdynia;
  • Estonian Ministry of Finance;
  • Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation;
  • Leontief Centre;
  • University of Tartu;
  • Federal Public Service (FPS) Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment;
  • Finnish Ministry of the Environment;
  • Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency;
  • Ministry of the Environment of Lithuania.