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BSR-network for the improvement of the transregional planning process by improving the communication and decision structure

Funding Programme:



Completion Year:


Contact Person(s):

Franc Grimm

Technikzentrum Lübeck Fördergeseelschaft mbH (fgrimm[at]tzl[dot]de)

Implementation Period:
Specific Funding Programme:

INTERREG III B: Baltic Sea Region Programme 2000 - 2006


Overall Budget: € 1.909.224

About the Project:

The project was aiming at the improvement of planning processes by improving the transregional communication and decision structures.

The outcome of the project is a thematic network and a centre of excellence for improving the political (e.g. spatial planning authorities, municipalities, ministries, Governmental and Non-Governmental-Organisations) and entrepreneurial policy-making-processes in the fields of spatial planning, transport and regional development. Within the network/centre problems and weak spots related to the presently implemented mechanism, instruments and management methods have been discussed and a new best-practice approach has been developed for supporting and improving the planning processes. For this, several activities for technology transfer have been carried out in order to train decision-makers on the newly developed approach for improving their performance in spatial planning, regional development and transport/logistics.

Project partners

  • Technikzentrum Lübeck Fördergeseelschaft mbH – Lead Partner (DE)
  • FDT – Association of Danish Transport Centres (DK)
  • Innovationszentrum Itzehoe Gesellschaft für Technologieförderung Itzehoe mbH (DE)
  • Instytut Morski Gdansk - Maritime Institute (PL)
  • Latvia Pollution Prevention Centre (LV)
  • Lund University (SE)
  • Ministry of Transport and Communications Finland (FI)
  • Mustamäe District Administration (of Tallinn City) (EE)
  • Riga Technical University (LV)
  • Tallinn Technical University, Institute of Informatics (EE)
  • University Luebeck, Institute for Neuro- and Bioinformatics (DE)
  • University Luebeck, Institute for Software Technology and Programming Languages (DE)
  • Vilnius Business Incubator (LT)