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Black Sea Assistance Mechanism

Funding Programme:


Funding Programme:



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Implementation Period:
Specific Funding Programme:

EASME/EMFF/2020/3.1.2 — Black Sea


Overall Budget: € 900.000,00
EU Contribution: € 900.000,00

About the Project:

The Black Sea Assistance Mechanism (BSAM) is established in order to carry out the implementation and monitoring of the Common Maritime Agenda (CMA) to promote the development of the Blue Economy in the Black Sea region. The project comprises seven countries: Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, and the Republic of Moldova.

The BSAM team will support the participating countries, blue economy community in the Black Sea, CMA SG members and CMA rotating coordinator, and the European Commission. The BSAM is involved in the implementation and monitoring of the CMA priorities at the regional and national level. This includes providing support and expertise to the national CMA coordinators and other public authorities involved in the CMA in the Black Sea region.

The BSAM will also promote and foster stakeholder dialogue and provide support to the blue economy stakeholders at regional and national level. 

Project partners

  • Application Européenne de Technologies et de Services (AETS)
  • Stratégies Mer et Littoral (SML)
  • VVA Group